Welcome to Akron Little League Football

The Mission of Akron Little League Football is to provide a safe and fun football and cheerleading program for young athletes ages 6 through 13. ALLFI is committed to promoting a positive environment to teach, play and learn the fundamentals of football and cheerleading. ALLFI focuses on core values and principles for its young athletes. These include the development of character, personal integrity, athleticism and teamwork all of which will help guide and support the Akron Little League Football program.

TEAM…  We teach that the team comes first.  Coaches and players are reminded of the importance of working together for a common purpose.  Teamwork works; a team with players who truly believe in each other is more powerful than athletic ability or a great playbook.  We would rather have a great team than great athletes. 

INTEGRITY…Being a complete athlete.  We will stay true to our beliefs and show this in our choices and behaviors on and off the field.  We will always play and coach within the rules of the game.
Gracious…Courteous, kind and thoughtful.  We will be gracious when we lose and when we win.

EFFORT…The constant in our program will be EFFORT.  We want players who will give their best effort for the team at each practice and every game.

Relentless…Never give up!  Always give your best. “We will be relentless in our pursuit of excellence.”

Substance…We want athletes that have substance. They do what is right. They lead by example.  They look for solutions.

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